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Emotional & Energy Support for Children/Babies

With Kelly Damigou
Spiritual & Angeliki Therapist
Systemic Psychotherapist
Mental Health Consultant, Author

There are many children who are unable to cope with difficult emotional experiences or changes, which often becomes the cause of negative behaviour. These experiences/changes are often divided into two categories, according to the symptoms observed, such as:

  1. Emotional Disorders with internal symptoms such as nagging, anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, frustration, irritation, etc.
  2. Behavioural Disorders with external symptoms such as aggressive behaviour, avoidance of social contact, focus problems, outbursts, submissive attitude, procrastination etc.


A child may show symptoms of Emotional and Behavioural Disorder at the same time. The cause of the symptoms is often found in infancy and early childhood. For example, children with stressful experiences of neglect, loss of a loved one, intense criticism, disorganized and chaotic home life, verbal/physical abuse, present Communication-Behavioral and Emotion Externalization Disorders. However, there are also cases, with children who show disturbances in their emotions and behaviour, while coming from families with care and support. Parents often experience confusion about how they need to manage and cope with these difficulties.


Through my therapeutic experience and observation of the possible roots of a disorder, (e.g. parents, school, friends, trauma, entanglements, connection to ancestors, wrong childhood conclusions, energy burdens, etc.), I was led to the creation of this alternative therapeutic method of supporting children or babies, which includes three therapies:

  1. The Energy Recognition and Transmutation of Emotions
  2. The transmutation of causes/energies that may be present in the child or baby’s field that are not perceived through the senses
  3. The Energy support of a specific Behavioral Disorder reported to us by the parent


This Energy Therapy for children is complementary and effective to any necessary medical/psychological treatment that parents with children may already be following.  Below you can read in detail about the three therapies.


Kelly Damigou – Nikos Mytikas

mob: +30 6946-426298

The Three Emotional/Behavioural Support Therapies

A THERAPY: Transmutation of Emotions

In the first stage of therapy, we seek permission and approval from the child’s Guardian Angel if it is for the child’s highest good to conduct therapy. With this approval, we begin an investigation into the child’s emotional field, with the goal of transmuting the varied low frequency information and emotions into new vibrations for emotional balance. At the same time, the bio vitality and functionality of the child’s chakras energy centers is checked and strengthened.


B THERAPY: Recognition & Transmutation of Causes/Actions that are not perceived through the senses.

Through Therapeutic Radiance we have the ability to recognize the energies that exist in the child/baby’s field, but which are not perceived through the senses. By using pendulums and with radiosensitivity balls, we do a research on maps, through which we detect the energies – forces that may be energetically stuck on the child/baby.  Such Energy Burdens are indicatively, a Trauma in the Inner Child, the Evil Eye, acusations, the connection with a negative Skeptomorph, etc.


THERAPY C: Energy support for a specific negative behaviour reported to us by the parent. 

Everything is Vibration and nothing can be healed from the same vibration that created it. Pendulum balls have been known for decades and their healing role is invaluable. They have the ability, upon expert research, to be tuned and remotely transported to the child/baby’s individual biofield and cells, high frequency light vibrations and quantum energy. Based on this principle, we place the parent’s request, the child’s full name and date of birth, in the set of Radiosensitivity balls for 24 hours, so that the child/baby receives higher vibrations and frequencies in his/her field and his/her psychosomatic state and behavior is transformed.

What I will need from you

The therapeutic process is done remotely and is very simple for the parent, giving by telephone 1. The child’s/baby’s full baptismal name 2. Information about the type of emotional & behavioural disorder he/she presents with.


Then we start a research on maps, through which we detect the energies – forces that are possibly burdening the child/baby energetically in his/her emotions & behaviour. The investigations and treatments are done gradually over 7 days. After the week we will call you by phone to let you know the results.


Everything is Vibration. A chair, a flower, a house, a house, an animal, are particles in vibration, energy in motion, including our human bodies. Everything and everyone is Energy and nothing can be healed from the same vibration that created it. Based on this principle, through Radiance we transmute energies and empower the child/baby in the highest possible way to bring balance to their emotional body and their spirit experience in matter.


I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Kelly Damigou – Nikos Mytikas

mob: 6946-426298


Distance Emotional/Behavioural Support Therapies for Children or Babies are provided by giving: Your child’s birth date & A brief history and your request as a parent.



Kelly Damigou: +30 6946-426298

E-mail: lovetruthlife1@gmail.com

Financial Contribution

Remote Emotional / Behavioral Therapies for Children or Babies are given by giving:

1. Your child’s baptismal name

2. The date of his birth &

3. A brief history and your request as a parent.


Financial Contribution: 100 euros

For any possible Future Repetition: The Financial Contribution is 50 euros

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