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Happiness, anxiety, fear, anticipation, joy, sadness, anxiety, irritability, tears at the slightest, you meet them all, with its ups and downs, just like hormones. Emotional changes are related to the corresponding hormonal and are completely normal and expected

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Emotional and energy support of children/babies

With Kelly Damigou
Spiritual & Angeliki Therapist
Systemic Psychotherapist
Mental Health Consultant, Author

There are many children who can’t deal with difficult emotional experiences or changes. This is often the reason for showing negative behavior. These experiences/changes usually individuate in two categories according to the symptoms we can distinguish, such as:

  1. Emotional disorders with internal symptoms, like complaining, anger, anxiety, fear, irritation etc.
  2. Behavioral disorders with external symptoms, like aggressive behavior, avoidance of social contacts, problems in focusing, outbursts, submissive attitude, procrastination etc.


A child can show symptoms of emotional and behavioral disorder simultaneously. The cause of these symptoms is often detected in infancy and in early years of childhood. For example, children with stressful experiences of abandonment, loss of a beloved person, severe judgment, disorganized and chaotic life at home, verbal/physical abuse, develop disorders in communication-behavior and in expressing emotions. There are though some cases of children developing emotional and behavioral disorders, while they are coming from caring and supportive families. Parents often get confused of how they need to face and deal with these difficulties.


Through my healing experience and observation of the possible roots of a disorder, (e.g. parents, school, friends, trauma, entanglement, connection with ancestors, mistaken deduction by the children, energy burdens etc.), I have come up with the creation of this alternative healing method which supports children or babies and consists of three therapies:

  1. Energy recognition and sublimation of emotions
  2. Sublimation of cases/actions which possibly exist in the field of the child or baby and cannot be perceivable through senses
  3. Energy support in specific behavioral disorder mentioned by the parent


This energy healing for children is supplementary, helpful and effective combined with any necessary medical/psychological therapy the parents may follow. You can read extensively about the three therapies as detailed below.


Kelly Damigou – Nikos Mytikas

mob: +30 6946-426298

The three therapies of emotional/behavioral support

Therapy A: Transubstantiation of emotions

At the first stage of the therapy we ask from the child’s guardian angel for approval and concession in therapy, if it is for its higher prosperity. With this consent, a research in the child’s emotional field is done, in order for the various information of low-pitched frequencies and emotions to be transubstantiated with new vibrations for emotional balance. At the same time, there is an inspection and empowerment of biovitality and functionality of the child’s energy chakra centers.


Therapy B: Recognition and transubstantiation of causes/actions that cannot be perceived by the senses

With the help of healing radiosensitivity we are able to identify the existing energy on the child’s/baby’s field that cannot be perceived by the senses. With the use of pendulums and radiosensitive balls a research is done on maps, through which we trace the energy-forces that can be stuck on the child/baby, on energy level. Such energy burdens are for example, a trauma in the inner child, the evil eye, the negative talking, the affiliation with a negative thought form etc.


Therapy C: Energy support on specific negative behavior, when mentioned by the parent 

Everything is vibration and nothing can be healed by the same vibration that was created. The pendulum balls are known for decades and there therapeutic role is invaluable. They have the ability, after the specialist’s research, to adjust and carry from distance high-pitched frequencies of light and quantum energy in the individual biofield of the child/baby and its cells. Based on this principle, we put the parent’s request, the child’s full name and date of birth in the set of radiosensitive balls for 24 hours, so that the child/ baby can receive higher-pitched vibrations and frequencies in its field and its psychosomatic state and behavior can be transubstantiated.

What do I need from you...

As a healing procedure, it is very simple for the parent and is done long-distant, giving only

1. The full child’s/baby’s birth name

2. The date of its birth and

3. Information about the kind of emotional and behavioral disorder that is presented.


Afterwards, we begin a research on maps, through which we trace the energy-forces that may possibly burden the child/baby in its emotions and behavior, on energy level. The researches and healings are done gradually within 7 days. At the end of the week we will call you and inform you about the results.


Everything is a vibration. A chair, a flower, an animal, all is particles in vibration, energy in motion, including those of the human body. Everything and everyone is energy and nothing can be healed by the same vibration that was created. Based on this principle, we transfigure energies and strengthen the child/baby through Radiosensitivity with the highest possible way, in order to bring balance to its emotional body and the experience of its spirit on matter.


I will be happy to answer all your questions.


Kelly Damigou – Nikos Mytikas

mob: +30 6946-426298



Kelly Damigou: +30 6946-426298

E-mail: lovetruthlife1@gmail.com

Financial Contribution

Remote Emotional / Behavioral Therapies for Children or Babies are given by giving:

1. Your child’s baptismal name

2. The date of his birth &

3. A brief history and your request as a parent.


Financial Contribution: 100 euros

For any possible Future Repetition: The Financial Contribution is 50 euros

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