Emotional Support for Pregnant

Pregnancy is a very pleasant period, but it does not mean that there are no difficult times. Happiness, agony, fear, anticipation, joy, sadness, anxiety, irritability, tears at the slightest, you meet them all, with its ups and downs, just like hormones. Emotional changes are related to the corresponding hormonal and are completely normal and expected

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Emotional Support of Pregnancy or Puerperium

With Kelly Damigou
Spiritual & Angeliki Therapist
Systemic Psychotherapist
Mental Health Consultant, Author

Pregnancy is a very pleasant time period without omitting the difficult moments. Happiness, anxiety, fear, longing, joy, sadness, stress, irritation, easy tears, you can see any of them happening, in a minor or major way, just like hormones. The emotional changes are related to the corresponding hormonal changes and are absolutely normal and expected.


Psychology in pregnancy, as you may have already experienced, changes from one moment to another.


  1. Hormones alone can affect your temper and mood as well as your everyday life
  2. Thoughts like “is everything going to be ok”, “am I going to make it as a mother”, “are we going to have a financial stability as a family”, can lead to future concerns and create justified stress and anxiety.
  3. Along with the parts you had to play up to date (wife, employee, sister) there is a new one, that of the mother, that is added to your life, which by itself is a vast change.
  4. Pregnancy may be easy but difficult at the same time. You may have to spend a long period of time in bed or have nausea. All these psychosomatic changes affect you as long as the embryo/baby you carry.


Yes, it is great, you are a woman expecting to have a baby and that is why it is important to be prepared to deal with your own self.


Then again, if you have already welcomed your baby, you may probably need some help adjusting to your new life. The time period that follows after you have had your infant has often intense emotional variations which are usually called postpartum depression. This period has two heavy burdens: the difficult everyday life of the woman herself and the inability to be near her child. Besides this is the period that the infant needs its mother more than ever. While these are the prevailing issues, it is important for the new mother to focus on her efforts to get well as fast as she can.


It is crystal clear that pregnancy and puerperium is a time period which is full of strong emotions, positive or negative. Nevertheless all can be much easier, when as a woman you feel safe and can accept the appropriate support.


This is the reason for creating this therapy, titled “Long-distant therapy: Emotional support during Pregnancy and Puerperium”, through healing radiosensitivity, for you to get some help. While you will continue experiencing multiple feelings and biological changes, as your everyday life keeps on going, we will attend for you to receive high-pitched vibrations of positivity and light, so that you can balance on this beautiful change that the miracle of creation brings, the new life.


Emotional support and cleansing of the energy field
  1. Emotional support-Healing of negative feelings

The most often emotional swings during pregnancy/puerperium phase vary from guilt, severe criticism and grief to depression, rage, denial and anxiety. After you call us and inform us of which of these feelings are prevalent, the percentages of the feelings’ impact will be measured and we will take care of your receiving, through healing radiosensitivity, higher-pitched vibrations and frequencies in your field, so that we can enhance your psychosomatic state. The goal of this therapy is these negative feelings to be transfigured and for you to feel emotional and hormonal balance.


  1. Cleansing of the energy field

There is many times some energy stuck on our individual-energy field, which cannot be perceived by our natural senses. The healing research and radiosensitivity with the use of pendulum is the ability to recognize and transfigure this energy. More specific, the procedure begins with a research on maps, through which we can trace the energy-powers that potentially burden the energy of the pregnancy/puerperium phase. The research and healing is based on:

  1. Possible energy burdens on the individual field of the pregnant woman/Para
  2. Functionality and blockings of chakras
  3. Empowerment of biovitality of the pregnant woman/Para


Ostensive, some energy burdens that may possibly a pregnant woman/Para feel are the activation of an older trauma in the inner child, a dolorous Akasha memory, reduced biovitality, emotional disorder, attachment to a negative thought form etc.


Personally, I was vastly helped by this specific healing method and as a result I fully enjoyed my pregnancy, transfiguring easily and fast all the submerging negative feelings and thoughts. Through the receiving high-pitched vibrations I found again the emotional and hormonal balance for me and my embryo as well. So, today I am happy to say that I hug my daughter and admit than my pregnancy was one of the happiest periods of my life.

I hope you can trust my truth let us help you too!


Kelly Damigoy – mob: +30 6946-426298

Σε συνεργασία με τον Νίκο Μύτικα

How the long-distant therapy works?

It is known for decades that the therapeutic role of pendulums is invaluable. The certified specialists can adjust and transfer distantly in the biofield of the individual, in its emotions and cells high-pitched vibrations of light and quantum energy, always with respect and responsibility. The goal of this procedure is to trace the various low-frequent/emotional information and to enhance and empower new vibrations of positivity.


Everything is a vibration. A chair, a flower, an animal, all is particles in vibration, energy in motion, including those of the human body. Everything and everyone is energy and nothing can be healed by the same vibration that was created. Based on this principle, we transfigure energies and strengthen the human body through Radiosensitivity.


As a procedure, it is done distantly and it is very simple for the pregnant woman/Para. You will only need to call us and give us your full name, your date of birth and brief information of your emotional, biological and psychosomatic state.


I will be happy to answer any question you may have.



Kelly Damigou: +30 6946-426298

In collaboration with Nikos Mytikas

E-mail: lovetruthlife1@gmail.com

Financial Contribution

 Emotional Support & Energy Field Purification

The financial contribution is 120 euros for 1 energy field purification and two emotional supports

For each subsequent repetition of Psychological Support: 25 euros

Rules of Protection
  • No Energy Support is made, if we do not accept permission from the higher self, guardian angel of the pregnant woman, that the treatment is for her higher good.
  • The pregnant woman’s permission is required that she wants / accepts to receive medical support.
  • This energy support is an alternative therapeutic approach and works in addition to the medical – medication and psychological support, which is probably already received by the pregnant woman / Lechona.
  • Positive vibrations are full of light and love and no responsibility is borne in any of the complications of Pregnancy / Maternity.
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