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Energy Katharsis
of an individual

By Kelly Damigou & Nikos Mytikas

Healing Radiosensitivity, is the ability of energies identification, that exists in one person’s field and cannot be sensate through the senses. With the use of Pendelums and Radiosensitivity, there is a research on maps and through them we can detect energies- powers that they may have energy pollute the person to his Body, his Mind and his Soul. Some kinds of energy pollutions, are indicatively, Manipulation, Self delusion some trauma in the Inner Child, Evil eye, Bad talks, Curse, Vow, Magic and even the connection with some Negative figure; or being etc.


Pendelums, are known since decades and their healing part is priceless. They have the ability, after a specialists’ research, to transfer through distance, to the persons’ atomic Bio field and to his cells, high frequency vibrations of light and quantum energy. The goal is, the various information of low frequency vibration, to be assimilated, empowered, and strengthened, with new vibrations, the immune system, bio vitality, wellness, emotional balance and the flow to the function of chakras. Everything is vibration and nothing can be healed from the same vibration that it was born. According to this principal, Radiosensitivity, transform the causes, and clean the energy field from energy pollution and heaviness of the person, and even though from the beliefs that created them in first place. As a procedure, it takes place from distance and it its very simple for the interested and below I analytically explain it.


Radiosensitivity, it is done of course for your own personal good, but in the same way it functions for the whole world’s higher good. That happens, because the shift in your vibration, helps your spiritual truth to be awaken and this truth is that you are an integral part of the source and of the light and the shift in your vibration plays a huge role to the human evolution. I appreciate, I respect you, I recognize the light in you and we all meet again, together, happy and with peace to the initial vibration of purity and love which is our true nature.


Kelly Damigoy

The Healing Procedure in detail

The only thing that you have to do is to contact me by phone or mail and give me your full name and your birth date.


Soon, and according to the order of importance, I myself will make a coordination with you, the research, and your direct treatment. In the next 10-15 days and after our communication, a 15minute session, will be for your information.


During our session, I will report you, the results of the treatment research and your treatment, and you will have also the possibility to share with me the changes that you have seen in your bio vitality, your behavior, your reaction to your interpersonal relationships and into your general personality after the retreat of the polluted energies.


In the end of our session, from my turn, I will  ask questions to the Pendelum ,to  see if you need a new treatment vibration ,in which future time or if we have done. I hope that the answer is that we have indeed finished, so as we all can be set free as humanity, in the most easy and fast way, and all to enjoy the presents of life, energy free.


p.c. If you are interesting in the catharsis of your work or home energy field then read analytically HERE



Damigoy Kelly mob : +30 6946 426298

Εmail : lovetruthlife1@gmail.com

Financial Contribution

The financial contribution is 65 euros


  • Any Future Repetition of the treatment is 20 euros!
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