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Electromagnetic field therapy


With Kelly Damigou
Spiritual and Angelic Healer
Systemic Psychotherapist
Mental Health Consultant, Author

Bioresonance – Biofeedback or Electromagnetic Field Therapy is an alternative medical method that has been recognized both in Greece with a recent ministerial decision (no. G3b/GP/oik.63736_24.08.2016) and abroad. In the Greek literature it is also referred to as biothalantosis, it is a natural, harmless and painless alternative, holistic medical method of treatment through frequencies, which has no side effects and has high success rates.


It is essentially an alternative and holistic method of diagnostic scanning and treatment through electromagnetic frequencies. It is based on the principles of Quantum Physics ( Max Planck ), according to which the cells and molecules of every living organism emit and receive electromagnetic signals through frequencies. This means that the organs create an electromagnetic field by releasing energy which is expressed in pulse vibrations (oscillations). (De-ze, J., and Gang, L., 2010) The oscillations of each organ are connected to the others creating a single set, the overall frequency spectrum of the organism.


Biosyntonism essentially reads and separates the frequencies of cells that are healthy and those that are diseased. In the next phase, it transmits the correct frequency to the diseased cells and restores the body to proper function. This means that it focuses on the causes of the problem and not on the symptoms, and as a result the treatment is always effective.

Who is bioresonance for?

Bioresonance is for all ages from 3 years old to 100+.


It enhances the functions and systems of the body (nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, cardiovascular, urinary, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, immune) and prevents premature age changes by coordinating our entire body to function better.


Restores the healthy frequencies of cells and organs resulting in better function and communication between them and improving mood, energy, psychology, sleep, sexual activity, metabolic activity and other functions essential for the quality of our daily life.

Biomedis Trinity NEW device


Biomedis Trinity is Biomedis’ individual bioresonance device, featuring advanced efficient multi-frequency synchronization technology. Completely safe and harmless device with no side effects on mind and body. Featuring an ergonomic design, it is small and lightweight device, which allows you to carry it with you at all times wherever you are, or use it under your pillow at night while you rest.


Thanks to its unique design, it strengthens the bodily functions and systems of the body, improves the capacity of the organs, prevents premature aging, harmonizes the functioning of mind and body and maintains the natural balance of the body. At the same time, with its anti-parasitic and cleaning function, it provides protection against infections and removes various toxins.

Συσκευή Biomedis Trinity

BIOMEDIS Technologies


The effectiveness of Biomedis devices is due to the advanced technologies that the company has created. These effective and safe technologies are the result of: Ten years of scientific research by specialized doctors and scientists. Multiple tests and practical applications before launching the products on the market. Continuous research to ensure the continuous development and improvement of the methods in the use of the devices. The technologies that Biomedis has imported have certificates from the European Union, the USA. and Russia that demonstrate the safety and quality of its products.



(1-64 ->Energy Programs and 65-249 -> Health Programs)

Duration and frequency of device use


Improvement is done with sessions, a session is an exposure to a specific set of programs. If necessary, you can spend several sessions a day. To achieve the result, as a rule, a series of sessions is required. The average duration is 14-21 days. Between conferences, it is good to take a break for several days.



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