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Remote QuantumSystemic Constellations

So if you have not managed for a long time on your own to transmute the obstacles that have come in your life and you want to tune in to Solutions, then Remote Quantum Systemic Constellation is the right Therapeutic Method for you.

Welcome to the

Remote Quantum

Systemic Constellations

With Kelly Damigou
Mental Health Consultant, Systemic Psychotherapist
Spiritual & Angelic Healer, Author

Systemic Constellation was founded by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the early 1980s. It is an experiential method that reveals deep and hidden truths that act unconsciously in a system we are connected to e.g. family, work, etc.


Its evolution over time is Quantum Systemic Constellation. In this advanced method, we are given the opportunity through “Angelic Quantum Spirals” AQS to enrich the old record with high positive frequencies, vibrations and information from all the orders of Angels. These are transferred to the field that has problem and create within seconds large positive changes, which can be confirmed by special measurement.


Through an Atomic Quantum Systemic Constellation, and according to the REQUEST that the healer is concerned with, we discover what needs to be resolved, especially when we do not know what the root of the problem is. In order to do a Reconstruction, it is necessary to have it is important to have done an individual distance session earlier to record the genealogical tree. Through the geneological tree I ll have at my disposal for the Constellation the history with all the information of the present life and the ancestors of the applicant.


On the day we set the constellation, Trained Representatives will be attuned to the energy of the individuals or situation of concern (Request), so that the subconscious potential that is acting is revealed. You remotely (via Skype-Messenger) will be able to monitor the progress of the healing. The goal is to enable you to surface the subconscious obstacles, accept them, and we can attune the field with new energies and solutions, bringing healing.


So if you have not managed for a long time on your own to transmute the obstacles that have come in your life and you want to tune in to Solutions, then Remote Quantum Systemic Constellation is the right Therapeutic Method for you.


Thank you for your Trust!

Yours sincerely,

Kelly Damigou

    • Family
    • Companionship, Relationships
    • Lack of Purpose in Life
    • Inheritance
    • Professional and Economic Success
    • Finding a suitable partner
    • Failure
    • Repeated patterns
    • Decision Making
    • Family Business
    • Health
    • Infertility
    • Personal Development

What Moves Representatives?

The British biologist and writer Rupert Sheldrake calls what works in a Representation and moves the representatives a Morphogenetic Field. In his scientific research he describes an energy field in which all information is stored. The Morphogenetic field is automatically activated at the REQUEST of the treated person.


Trained Representatives tune in to the energies of the Request and soon begin to experience and express intense emotions such as love, sadness, anger as well as intense physical sensitivities such as heat, numbness, chills, pain, etc., all without any knowledge of the face, or situation they represent.


Judgment and Category are absent from the scope of a Constellation. Every person is perfect the way they are and has their own story. We don’t know what influenced him and led him to act the way he did. Neutrality and acceptance of the facts are necessary to observe the situation we are experiencing with a different eye, so that deep understanding and change with Reconciliation and Cleansing can come.


Quantum Systemic Constellations in the Love Truth Life Space are done by a team of Trained Representatives.  As a group we join forces and have the following common principle, the expansion of consciousness of people and Release from Mental Burdens.

Why We Combine Angelic Quantum Spirals AQS by Mary Zapiti? How Does the Field Change in Seconds?

All problems and blockages come from situations of low and negative vibrations, such as: negative thoughts, negative emotions, diseases, negative karma, family-systemic blockages, negative collective unconscious and many more… You can hardly attract positive situations through a negative field (the law of attraction – Law of attraction).


AQS “Angelic Quantum Spirals” contain high positive vibrations and information from all orders of Angels, which are transferred to the problem area and create within seconds great positive changes.


I personally coordinate the Constellations, through the integrative Method of Systemic Constellations according to Bert Helinger and the Quantum Angelic Spirals, Angelic Quantum Spirals (AQS), by Mary Zapiti. Together, they create an incredibly wonderful Therapeutic Method with shocking results!

We are waiting for you, who want to bring Changes and Miracles in your Life!


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