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A problem in the fertility of couples looking for a child, is the unexplained inability to conceive, while biologically is healthy. Human sexuality is a means of expression. It reflects the eternal act of creation.

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Couple’s compatibility of Fertility and energy cleansing

With Kelly Damigou
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& with Nikos Mytikas

Human sexuality is a means of expression and it reflects the eternal act of creation. It happens all the time to all creatures and of course to the human being. Nowadays, a problem in couples’ fertility (to those who wish to have a baby) is the inexplicable inability to get pregnant, when biologically there is nothing wrong. More often, there are big and enduring fertility problems due to psychological, psychosomatic, energy and/or biological reasons.


Concerning energy, a soul chooses not to enter the material stage due to the following basic obstacles:

  1. Previous unsuccessful pregnancy which subconsciously maintains pain, grief or guilt
  2. Emotional disturbance in at least one member of the couple (anxiety, fear, insecurity)
  3. Restrictive beliefs regarding age or negative thought forms about financial/working/practical issues
  4. Non compatibility in polarity and in functionality of the couples’ energy centers
  5. Ancestral/Karmic energies that affect the present, such as Curse, Oath, Promise etc.
  6. Physical symptom or dysfunction


All of the above can contribute to create a considerably stressful experience for the couple, an experience which disorders each of their lives as well as their common one in a personal and social level.


“Couple’s compatibility of fertility and energy cleansing” begins with energy and spiritual research, right after we collect brief background information from the results of conventional medical examinations and we continue with distant alternative healing procedure through radiosensitivity.


Personally, during our joyful and passionate research, done with my partner, on the creation of the particular healing method (receiving spiritual guidance and information for its conclusion) and being at 42, I was blessed to be trusted by a soul, to welcome it on our field and have a wonderful period of our daughter’s pregnancy. From the bottom of my heart, I wish the same wonder for you as well, if it’s for your own higher prosperity.


Kelly Damigoy


chakra tantra - ενεργιακή κάθαρση & συμβατότητα γονιμότητας ζευγαριού
chakra tantra - ενεργιακή κάθαρση & συμβατότητα γονιμότητας ζευγαριού
Click here! Part A – Functionality of the chakras and energy cleansing

There is many times some energy stuck on our individual-energy field, which cannot be perceived by our natural senses. The healing research and radiosensitivity with the use of pendulum is the ability to recognize and transfigure this energy. More specific, the procedure for the couple that wishes to have a child begins with a research on maps. Through these maps we trace the energy – forces that may have infected the two individuals separately in body, mind and soul. The research and healing is done on energy infections of the individual field, on functionality and blockings of chakras, as well as on empowerment of the sacred chakra.


In detail:

Energy infections

Ostensive, some energy infections might be: an old trauma in the inner child, reduced biovitality, a stuck near the earth soul, energy of curse, oath and magic, emotional disorder, affiliation with a negative thought form or entity etc.


Inspection of functionality and blocking in chakras

If one or more chakras are blocked in one of the partners, the insemination and successful pregnancy may possibly be prevented. The inspection and vibratory empowerment of the chakras’ functionality is necessary for the compatibility of the fertility to follow, free of blockings.


Empowerment of the holy center-second chakra

As we have already mentioned, a blocked chakra creates a disorder in energy flow, as well as in the partner’s corresponding chakra. In these therapies we seek for the increase of the flow in the orange-sacred chakra, in order to have energy flow during sexual bonding. Moreover, the goal is for this vast flow of creative energy of this center to fill the rest of the chakras.

Click here! Part B – Activation of the couple’s compatibility of fertility

When we talk via phone, and after we have informed you about the results of part A, we will ask you for some specific medical background information and possible hereditary issues. Afterwards, we will move on to the second part of the second part of the procedure, which contains detailed inspection and healing of the 6 following categories.


  1. Tuning of polarity

On body level, the interaction of the fertile masculine Yang power (semen) and of the accepting feminine Yin power (egg cell) produce Creation through sexuality. The Yin and Yang forces are presented as polarities in the universe. In order for something to exist, there has to be its opposite or its “contra-point”.


If one side of this polarity ceases to exist, the other one ceases as well. This fundamental rule applies to everything. Love and sexuality are based on the same principle. Concerning the men and women who wish to bring life in matter, it is necessary for the couple to have their energy centers (chakras) in opposite poles. This way, the two opposite energies can be combined harmoniously and create life.


The two polarities are always necessary to alternate. Thus, in radiosensitivity we aim to fix the polarity in the energy centers. For example, where men represent the positive pole, women must bring the negative and vice versa, so that every point meets its contra-point and becomes complete.


  1. Spine, neural system and fertility

In-between the vertebrae and the three neural systems (Autonomous, Central, Peripheral) are registered the areas that are imbalanced and in tension, such as possible impotence, menstruation problems, miscarriages, prostate etc. Based on the findings, we inspect and adjust healing frequencies per vertebra.


  1. Healing of negative feelings

Based on scientific researches, most emotional “reactions” to infertility vary to the following: grief, depression, rage, guilt, denial, anxiety and severe judgment. If we count some increased percentage levels in your field from any of these emotions, we will see to your receiving higher-pitched energy vibrations and frequencies. The goal is these negative emotions to be transfigured and the sexual bond to come straight from the heart.


  1. Energy inspection of the prostate

Prostate is a small gland which exists only in men and it has the shape and size of a chestnut. The main role of the prostate is the production of a liquid which is mixed with the semen and secures the vitality of the spermatozoon. This way, it helps in reproduction and fertility. Because prostate is often a source of problems for men, an inspection of the spermatozoon’s vitality is done and healing vibrations are sent to the specific gland.


  1. Genetic switches

Concerning reproductive fertility, timing is everything. Timing breakdown can contribute to infertility. Medical researchers have ascertained that a protein complex called PRC1 for men and ORG2 for women activates the genes of germinal line and the production of healthy sperm and egg cells at the right time. Our goal is to activate these switches.


  1. Thyroid and fertility

Malfunction of thyroid gland can also lead to infertility, especially when there is a family background of the condition. The right amount of thyroid hormone is necessary for the normal function of the testicles in men and the ovaries in women. An excessively large (hyperthyroidism) or excessively small (hypothyroidism) quantity of these hormones can have a negative effect. In this point an inspection and a long-distant healing is applied.

How the long-distant therapy works?

It is known for decades that the therapeutic role of pendulums is invaluable. The certified specialists can adjust and transfer distantly in the biofield of the individual, in its emotions and cells high-pitched vibrations of light and quantum energy, always with respect and responsibility. The goal of this procedure is to trace and transfigure the various low-pitched information, as well as to empower and enhance new vibrations to the couple’s compatibility/fertility.


Everything is a vibration. A chair, a flower, an animal, all is particles in vibration, energy in motion, including those of the human body. Everything and everyone is energy and nothing can be healed by the same vibration that was created. Based on this principle, we transfigure energies and strengthen the human body through Radiosensitivity.


As a procedure, it is very simple for the couple and is done long-distant. We only need via phone the full name and the date of birth of each one of you and at a later time brief medical background of heredity and fertility.


Footnote: In this healing procedure, genealogic disturbances-exclusions, cellular memory and karmic burdens cannot be inspected and transfigured. These usually present themselves as obstacles that carry information to the cells of the person’s reproductive genealogy and are passed on to the next generations of descendants. For this very important reason, if by completing the procedure “Couple’s Compatibility of fertility and energy cleansing” we discover that there is such an obstacle, it will be wise to proceed to the radical Healing Method of field’s quantum systemic recreation. The goal is to discover and transfigure the subconscious Psychic-Karmic cause.


We are happy to answer to all your questions.


Kelly Damigou – Nikos Mytikas


Kelly Damigou: +30 6946-426298

E-mail: lovetruthlife1@gmail.com

Financial Contribution

The Financial Contribution is 200 for the couple.

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