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Couple Fertility & Energy Purification

A problem in the fertility of couples looking for a child, is the unexplained inability to conceive, while biologically is healthy. Human sexuality is a means of expression. It reflects the eternal act of creation.

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Couple’s compatibility of Fertility and
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With Kelly Damigou
Spiritual & Angelic Therapist
Mental Health Consultant, Author

Human Sexuality is a mean of expressing love and reflects the eternal act of Creation, through the reproduction and perpetuation of the human species. Nowadays, there is a problem in the fertility of couples who want to have a child. Many times, despite the healthy biological condition of the couple, there are big and long-term barriers to fertilization due to Psychological, Spiritual & Energy reasons.


What Affects Unsuccessful Energy Fertility Attempts?


It has been energetically observed that some of the main OBSTACLES that a soul chooses not to come into matter are the following:

1. Past Unsuccessful Pregnancy / Abortion, which subconsciously perpetuates PainSadness or Guilt

2. Emotional Disorder even in one of the couple ( Anxiety, Fear, Insecurity)

3. Limiting Age Beliefs, or Negative Thoughts on Financial/Professional/Practical Issues

4. INCOMPATIBILITY in the Polarity and in the Functionality of the Energy Centers of the couple

5. Ancestral / Karmic Energies that affect today, such as CurseOathPromise etc.


All of the above can contribute to creating a particularly stressful experience for the couple, which disrupts the life of each individual, but also as a couple, on a Personal and Social level.

In which areas does Couple Fertility Compatibility have a positive effect?


1. Spiritual: Transfiguration of the Past & Karma

2. Energy: Chakra Polarity Correction

3. Psychological: Transfiguration of Negative Emotions

4. Physical: Enhancement of Bioavailability

How is Couple Fertility Compatibility Practically Applied?

The “Couple Fertility Compatibility & Energy Clearance” begins if we receive a brief History of Medical Examinations & Pedigree Tree, for each individual.

Followed by us Energy and Spiritual Research in special radiosensitivity maps, to detect the spiritual, energy, psychological and organic causes of infertility.

We work intensively for a month in the individual energy field of each individual and after the research we send high frequency therapeutic vibrations through Radiosensity balls.

It is a Pioneering Therapeutic Method, which holistically investigates the Biological factors of infertility, in combination with the Subconscious Spiritual, Energy, Karmic and Psychological causes.

To date, as you will read below in Testimonials, he has brought the joyful news to many couples, after multiple and many years of failed efforts, through IVF and in a Natural way.

So give yourself a chance to do this holistic examination and treatment, despite the possible ignorance about the functionality of the Energy way of Holistic Therapy.

You can book a 20 minute Free of Charge session with Kelly for any questions you might have, or if you intuitively feel you are ready for the next step, just book your Treatment Today!


The Two Parts of Compatibility Therapy

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Spiritual & Energy

Several times in our individual realm, there are some energies stuck that are not perceived through our physical senses. Therapeutic Research and Radiosensitivity performed with the use of pendulums, is the ability to recognize and denature these actions.

Specifically, the process begins with research on radiosensitivity maps, for each individual. We detect the energies – forces that may have energetically infected the individuals in Body, Mind & Soul. The research and treatment is done on the Energy Infections of the Atomic Field, on the Functionality and the blockages of the Chakras as well as the Empowerment of the Sacred Chakra, which is of fertility.




 Energy Infections

Indicatively some Energy Infections can be: Some old Trauma in the Inner Child, Reduced Bioavailability, stuck Earthly Soul, energy of Curse, Oath, Magic, Emotional Disorder, connection with some negative Thought Form or Entity etc.


Functionality Check & Chakras Blockages.

If one of the chakras is blocked in one of the two partners, fertilization and a successful pregnancy may be prevented. In order for fertility compatibility to occur, it is necessary to control and vibrate their functionality , so that they are free of blockages.
Strengthening of the Sacred Center-Second Chakra: As already mentioned, a blocked chakra creates a disturbance in the energy flow, but also in the corresponding chakra of the partner. In order to have a flow of energy during sexual intercourse, in these treatments we make sure that the flow in the orange-sacred chakra increases. In addition, the goal is for the torrent of creative energy of this center to charge the rest of the chakras.

Organically & Psychologically

In our telephone communication and after we have informed you about the results of Part A, we will ask for a brief specialized history of medical information and possible heredity issues. Then, we will proceed to the second part of the procedure which in detail includes control and treatment in the following 6 parameters.


1. Polarity coordination

At the Physical level, the interaction of the Fertile Male Power Yang (sperm) and the Receptive Female Power Yin (egg) produce Creation, through the Sexuality. In the Universe, the Yin and Yang forces manifest as polarities. For something to exist, it must have its opposite or its “counterpoint”.

If one side of this polarity ceases to exist, the other ceases to exist. This fundamental rule applies to everything. Love and sexuality are based on the same principle. For Men and Women who want to bring life to Matter, it is necessary for the couple to have their energy centers (chakras) in opposite poles. So that the two opposite energies come together harmoniously, become one and bring life.

The two polarities always need to be interchangeable. That is why in radiosensitivity we take care to correct the polarity in the energy centers. For example, where men represent the positive pole, women carry the negative and vice versa, so that each point meets its opposite point and becomes complete.


2. Spine, Nervous System & Fertility

Through the vertebrae and the three Nervous Systems (Autonomous, Central, Peripheral) are recorded the areas that are in imbalance and tension such as any disability, issues in the period, miscarriages, prostate etc. Here, therapeutic frequencies are adjusted and adjusted per vertebrae based on findings.


3. Negative Emotion Treatment

The most common emotional “reactions” to infertility, according to scientific research, vary: sadness, depression, anger, guilt, denial, anxiety & amp; harsh criticism. If we measure some high percentages of any of these emotions in your field, we will make sure that you receive energetically higher vibrations and frequencies. The goal is to transform these negative emotions and make sexual union from the center of the heart.


4. Prostate Energy Check

The prostate is a small gland that exists only in men, in the shape and size of a chestnut. The role of the prostate is to produce a fluid that mixes with the sperm and ensures the vitality of the sperm. Thus it helps in reproduction and fertilization. As the Prostate is often a source of problems in men, the vitality of the sperm is checked and therapeutic vibrations are sent to the specific gland.


5. Genetic Switches

When it comes to reproductive fertility, synchronization is everything. Stopping synchronization can contribute to infertility. Medical researchers have found that a complex of proteins, called PRC1 for men and ORG2 for women, activate germ line genes and produce healthy sperm and eggs at the right time. Our goal is to activate these Switches!


6. Thyroid & Fertility

Thyroid dysfunction can also lead to infertility, especially if there is a family history of the disease. An adequate amount of thyroid hormone is necessary for the normal function of the testes in men and the ovaries in women. Too much (hyperthyroidism) or too little (hypothyroidism) of these hormones can have a negative effect. At this point, too, control and remote treatment are performed.

How is the remote treatment done?

The Invaluable Therapeutic Role of the Pendants has been known for decades. In the hands of certified experts, with responsibility and respect, they can regulate and transfer from a distance to the individual’s biofield and its cells, high-frequency vibrations of light and quantum energy. The aim of the process is to detect and denature the various low-frequency information, as well as to amplify and enhance new compatibility / fertility vibrations in the couple.

Everything is Vibration. A chair, a flower, an animal are particles in vibration, energy in motion, including our human bodies. We are all Energy and nothing can be cured by the same vibration that was created. Based on this principle, through Radioactivity we transform energies and strengthen the human body.

As a process it is done remotely and it is very simple for the couple. You will simply need to give us, by phone, your first and last name, the date of birth of each of you and in a second year a brief Medical History of Inheritance and Fertility.

Personally, for me and my husband, through this healing process, our daughter came to our energy field and immediately began, a wonderful period of pregnancy and a new course of life.

We wish this to you and it is our pleasure to contact us and to answer any question you may have.

Kelly Damigou – Nikos Mytikas



Kelly Damigou: +30 6946-426298

E-mail: lovetruthlife1@gmail.com


Footnote: In this treatment process, Genealogical Disorders – Exclusions, Cellular Memory, as well as Karmic Weights can not be controlled and transformed.

These are often presented as barriers that carry information to the cells of the individual’s reproductive lineage, as well as to the next generations of offspring.

For this serious reason, if after completing the process of “Couple Fertility Compatibility & Energy Purification” we discover that there is such an Obstacle, it will be wise to proceed to the radical Therapeutic method of Quantum Systemic Field Representation. The goal is to discover and transform the Subconscious Mental-Karmic Cause.

Financial Contribution

The Financial Contribution for the Love Truth Life Members is from 500 to 300 euros in total for the Couple. (150 each)

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