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Each of us is closely connected to some systems, which are affected, and which are affected . One of these is the Family System . When something energetic changes in the family system, such as e.g. through a divorce , an illness , a new decision to change life, a loss of a loved one, then a imbalance in the system.

The consequences of this imbalance are sometimes passed on in chains to next generations, burdening offspring, some of whom sometimes find it difficult to discern where this “ weight ” comes from.

Systemic Representation has been developed as a therapeutic method by Bert Hellinger and operates on a deep , subconscious and symbolic level. with the ultimate goal always to correct any imbalances.

B. Hellinger, in his work on family representations, described some fundamental principles that subconsciously govern every family system and called them the Classes of Love . He acknowledges and points out that whenever these principles are not observed, family imbalances and consequences arise for everyone.


Today I share with you two of the seven Basic Classes of Love that catalyze family life, so that there is Balance:

1. The First Fundamental Principle is that all members of the family system have the right to belong to it, regardless of their actions .

2. The Second Fundamental Principle is that all members are equal , but at the same time there is a hierarchy . That is, the parents precede the children, the first child precedes the second, the second the third, and so on. It is important here to know exactly where we are.


An example of a family class imbalance is:

When a parent is removed, or dies in a family system, the child often takes on a subconscious role to alleviate the parent’s pain alone. partner , aiming to fill the position and gap created by the loss and become a parent again happy.

This child in later adulthood finds it difficult to make his own companionship , or even to decide to commit and create his own of his family. This is because subconsciously it already covers this role in mom or dad who is left alone in the paternal / family system.

Usually this person, even if he / she has a relationship, the partner standing next to him / her, often complains that he / she is very busy with his / her parent. This is because subconsciously the partner feels this imbalance and gets angry, wanting to express with this attitude that he recognizes that his / her partner is not in the right position and order that belongs to him / her and that he / she is with one foot in the paternal system and with the other in their own companionship relationship.

Here according to the Bert Hellinger Systemic Approach the treatment that needs to be done is for the Parent to free his child from this role, giving him the position he belongs in the paternal system only as a child . and the wish to find his own way free & amp; companion in his new life.

If you feel that this can happen in your own family and life, here I have already written a beautiful wish that you could give to your child, or ask to receive from your parent, so that you can all enter into a family class and love.


Parent to Child:
“Thank you very much for the position you have taken so far to support me. You are Only my son / my daughter. I am only your mother / father and I give you my wish to move on with your life, free / or
and as you wish. “


Through this simple therapeutic statement, the adult is liberated completely mentally from the companion role he / she subconsciously performed towards the parent and through this new class, he / she can proceed to create complete relationships and of course family .

With this procedure that I mention to you, you already have in your hands a valuable therapeutic knowledge with which you can alone bring an Order in your Family System. But if in general the issue of family order and communication within the family is an issue that concerns you, then I am pleased to invite you to the Two-Day Therapeutic Training on “Family System Classroom and Effective Communication”.


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